Episode 1: Private-by-default Zero Knowledge cryptography with Elena Nadolinski from IronFish


The modern internet has turned oversharing into a business model. Your address and phone number are confetti'd across a thousand websites and ad networks. Your Likes and link trail are meticulously analyzed by machine learning models for precision nudging and irresistible microtargeting to get you to think, buy, or vote a certain way.

Your data exhaust is the economic engine of the 21st century. Is it possible to imagine a different digital reality?

Elena Nadolinski, founder and "chief instigator" of IronFish, shows how she's using zero knowledge cryptography to build a fully-compliant, privacy-preserving Layer 1 blockchain to minimize the shards of you that are strewn across the internet and give you back agency over who sees your data, what they see, why, and when.